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Owl & Stump Rare Plants in lovely Yellow Point, is a new Mecca not just for plant connoisseurs but for gardeners who want really good plants. And its just down the road from the English Country Pub, the Crow & Gate.

I am Grahame Ware and Owl & Stump Rare Plants is my nursery. I am bringing into cultivation many plants that are unsung heroes- both local and global. It is my pleasure to introduce you to plants that I’m certain will dazzle you and maybe even blow you away. I’m commited to seeing true-to-name ‘stars’ make their way into cultivation. I want you to have the benefit of the really good ones. I am a specialist in certain plant groups and it is this expertise that will serve you well in your garden.

I do not use chemicals or pesticides of any sort in my operation and I do that for a good reason. It is based on my experience. Organic kelp solutions and manure teas are the extent of my ‘fertilizer’ regime and I do so using local resources. As a result, my guys have healthy root systems enhanced by the good growing media that is blended specifically for each group of plants by myself. All of this contributes to our plants having healthy systems and being ready to adapt to the real world of your garden. See more here. “How I Grow My Plants” article.

Owl & Stump Rare Plants is a plant boutique. If and when you visit my nursery or see me at a sale or show, I will spend the time to answer your questions. But you will always have this web as your resource. And, it will always be updated with more in-depth articles as well as our blog. I am beginning to put together a large photo gallery as well, so do come back from time to time to see our evolution as a web. Currently, I do not have regular opening hours for my nursery but appointments can be made. 250 722-2148

Note that I will also be doing some wholesale selling to selected retail outlets on Vancouver Island (Russell Nursery in Sydney) and Vancouver. This is just the beginning of getting great plants out there in 2012. Final arrangements though have not been finalized.

Workshops and education that are “hands-on” will also be a large part of what we do here at Owl & Stump. I intend to list workshops and lectures in the Events section.

Finally, check out my Links on the sidebar (under LEARN) to immerse yourself in an extraordinary journey of discovery that underlines the astonishing amount of horticultural and botanical knowledge that is on the Net. My contribution is but a small piece of the whole thing.